Jisc - National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education: A Bodyswaps Pilot Report

Learn what Jisc, teachers and 183 students across five UK institutions think after trialling four Bodyswaps modules: Managing interview anxiety, Landing the perfect job on your terms, Three steps to answering (almost) any question, and Job interview simulator.

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Infographic: Students 3 times more likely to challenge racist micro-aggressions following immersive training.

Results from over 2,000 students show that (1) story-led immersive learning creates great engagement (2) antonomous learning creates psychological safety necessary and (3) practice-driven pedagogy that blends self-reflection and behavioral feedback loops create the confidence, and desire, to act out in the real-world.

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Infographic : Students 2.5x more confident answering behavioral interview questions

See the results of deploying the Job Interview Simulator at 8 different educational institutions globally and with over 1,000 students - all in one handy infographic.

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The Educators vs VR #005 - South Connecticut State University, Exeter College

Listen back to Anthony Martin, Colleen Bielitz and Christophe Mallet discussing varied use cases from esports spatial awareness training to celebrating women heroes in STEM, practical tips on how to get started and giving a cold hard stare to the metaverse for education.

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The Educators vs VR #004 - University of Michigan, University of Nebraska,university of Saskatchewan

VR education pioneers Tess McKinney, Paula McDowell and Jeremy Nelson and Bodyswaps CEO Christophe Mallet discuss how XR technology will impact the very notion of classroom.

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The Educators vs VR #003 - Stanford, IMT, Bundle of Rays

We’ve invited 3 top educators and innovators from Stanford University, Institut Mines-Télécom and Bundle of Rays to share what they’ve learned from teaching with virtual reality. Watch the recording of our latest panel discussion as part of our VR education series.

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The Educators vs VR #002 - Georgian College, George Brown College, London Screen Academy

Watch technology and education experts Rob Theriault, Michael Avis, Jamie Waller, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Christophe Mallet in this engaging online panel debating the metaverse and the reality of bringing VR to education.

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Infographic: VR helps Further Education students develop their career mindset

Earlier this year we tested our Career Mindset Development simulation with 5 colleges, with the aim to prepare students for the workplace. See the highlights of this groundbreaking study in this infographic.

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Comment booster les performances de vos candidats aux entretiens d'embauche?

Watch the recording of this French-speaking webinar discussing how VR can solve the challenges of job interview preparation in the current climate.

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Future-proof your workforce with VR training

This infographic looks at why VR soft-skills training works, how it works and what it delivers.

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Transforming soft skills training with immersive learning

This white paper explores the most frequent questions learning leaders have when considering using immersive learning for soft skills training.

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Bodyswaps Learning Framework

Check out this framework combining evidence-based principles and ethical design practices with a focus on immersive learning.

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EdTechX 2020 - Immersive Learning in the post-Covid world

Watch this talk with learning providers and internal L&D teams to discover strategic opportunities & realistic challenges for leveraging VR as a learning medium in a post-COVID landscape.

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