Behaviour-changing soft skills training delivered with empathy on mobile and VR.

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How does it feel to sit across

BODYSWAPS simulates realistic workplace scenarios to let learners roleplay challenging situations and learn by swapping perspectives to observe their own behavior.

Combining behavioral science, AI data and immersive VR simulations, BODYSWAPS is a complete solution designed for corporates and education organisations to create deep and lasting behavioural change at scale.

Our platform offers off-the-shelf soft skills training modules designed by domain experts, and tested with global organisations.

How it works

BODYSWAPS’ short VR simulations empower learners to train on soft skills anytime, anywhere and in total psychological safety. Leveraging self-reflective practice and AI-powered data, BODYSWAPS is designed to give the learners the tools and confidence to transform their behavior, all day, every day.

1. Put on your headset

VR headset

BODYSWAPS is compatible with all major headsets.

2. Pick your simulation


Choose from several off-the-shelf soft skills training simulations.

3. Role-play


Practice your skills, in your own words, using your voice and body language.

4. Measure your progress


Get personalised feedback from our automated virtual coach.

What makes BODYSWAPS® unique?


Learning Performance

BODYSWAPS' unique learning format blends storytelling, tech-enabled learning design innovation and behavioral science to accelerate learning.



Our AI-powered behavioural analytics engine provides learners with personalised feedback and organisations with real-time soft skills competency tracking.



Mastering soft skills in VR is 4x faster than classroom learning . BODYSWAPS offers that unprecedented level of cost-efficiency at scale via off-the-shelf solutions.


Based on the latest research and best practices in the fields of adult learning and virtual reality, the BODYSWAPS format has been designed with one goal in mind: create transformative learning experiences that empower learners to acquire the tools and confidence to transform their behavior in the real world.


of learners report looking to apply what they learned with BODYSWAPS to their work


of learners would recommend BODYSWAPS to their colleagues


of learning managers who piloted BODYSWAPS are looking to roll it out further into their organisation

Our clients

Case Studies


"A perfect example of how you can create technology-enhanced learning experiences that add pedagogical value. This would be very difficult to simulate with traditional educational methods. Looking forward to seeing more cases like this.”

Tom Wambeke, Chief Learning Innovation, ICTILO, International Labour Organisation

"BODYSWAPS' highly immersive experience is exactly what we need for positive behavioural change at scale by providing a safe space for practicing difficult conversations."

Atish Gonsalves, Global Innovation Director, Humanitarian Leadership Academy

"The possibilities are limitless."

Julie Tailhan, Learning & Development Officer, Doctor Without Borders

“This is a fantastic technology that allows you to feel how you come across, to step into someone else’s shoes and actually be impacted by yourself.”

Jamie Duncan, Chief Performance Officer at CorporateDNA Consulting

“BODYSWAPS® has been helping SAGE to think through the possibilities of VR for the university market and to push us to think creatively about how to harness the emotional and experiential potential of VR”

Katie Metzler, Head of Methods Innovation at SAGE Publishing

“You can now train anytime, anywhere, and completely autonomously. This is a game-changer to give our staff the tools and confidence to give their best the day they arrive on the field"

Louis Aguila, Project Manager Instructional Design, Norwegian Refugee Council
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