Soft skills training, reinvented.

Harness the power of experiential soft skill training with Bodyswaps - the leading provider of immersive AI simulations for education, healthcare, and enterprise.

Bodyswaps’ solution for soft skills training.

Soft skills are increasingly in demand but they can be difficult to learn and master. Our Bodyswaps training platform offers immersive experiences that can help learners develop vital skills like how to communicate, collaborate, and lead.
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How we bring it to life.

We partner with renowned subject matter experts and leading institutions to develop world-class immersive experiences for organisations to deploy at scale while remaining cost-effective.
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How does it work?

Design programmes

Design programmes.

Discover modules within our diverse range of categories, build your class, and extend invitations to enthusiastic learners through our educator portal.
Immerse your learners

Immerse your learners.

Learners have autonomy on any device to navigate structured lessons, engage with virtual humans, experience self-reflection, and benefit from AI feedback.
Measure success.

Measure success.

Measure learner progress by examining completion rates, confidence levels, and behavioural insights, all while monitoring the broader institutional impact at scale.


Set your students up for success, whether in further or higher education, by providing cross-platform access to engaging and scalable experiential learning focused on vital soft skills.


Foster a culture of empathetic care, elevate team collaboration, and enhance patient satisfaction and trust by empowering healthcare students and practitioners to cultivate vital communication skills.


Develop essential soft skills in your workforce through inclusive leadership and communication training that promotes both individual and collective growth.

What people say.

“I have been waiting for VR to transform the way we educate people for the last 15 years – finally Bodyswaps has produced what I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring!”
Anne Scrimshaw
Fab Lab Manager, Sandwell College
of learners report improvement in their confidence to apply the simulated soft skills in real situations.
"A perfect example of how you can create technology-enhanced learning experiences that add pedagogical value. This would be very difficult to simulate with traditional educational methods. ”
Tom Wambeke
Chief Learning Innovation, ICTILO, International Labour Organisation
of learners report improvement in their self-awareness and knowledge of how to improve their skills.
"For me, why Bodyswaps is exciting is I've not really seen anything like it before. So, experiencing the AI is very realistic, the script is very high quality, and I actually feel like I'm there. So in terms of that, I feel like I gained lots of experience, but also it feels very safe that it's just between me and the AI, which means that I can develop and try lots of things that you can't in some other experiences."
Javidul Islam
Physician Associate Preceptorship Lead & Educator, South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub
of learners would recommend Bodyswaps to their colleagues over traditional training.

Compatible with.

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  • Vive Focus+, Vive Focus 3
  • Pico Neo 3 & 4
  • Meta Quest 2 & 3
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  • Windows app
  • Mac app
  • Browser version
  • Chrome
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  • iOS
  • Android

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