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Active Listening
The dos and don'ts of constructive listening
Communicating in a Person-centered Way - Getting to Know Each Individual
Enable your health and social care students to develop essential communication skills for...
Communicating in a Person-centered Way - Acting With Empathy
Equip your students with the skills to understand others’ points of view and see things from their...
Navigating Angry Conversations
A series of VR training simulations to help newly qualified doctors and medical students to improve...
Equity & Anti-racism
A psychologically safe space where healthcare professionals can explore their own implicit biases...
The mental health practitioner_Florence_Living room_Square
The Mental Health Practitioner
Practise speaking to a patient with acute anxiety and depression, who is having suicidal thoughts.
Making a bad situation better_Florence (CETR version)_Carriage_Square
Customer Experience - Making a Bad Situation Better
Discover three golden rules for emotionally-charged customer situations.
Customer Experience - Improving Customer Service in Difficult Situations
Help customers feel valued, reassured and in control during disruption
Job Interview - Interview simulation
The ultimate interview preparation featuring 60 top interview questions
Job Interview - Managing Interview Anxiety
An interview should be your time to shine, but nerves and anxiety can hold you back. This module...
Job Interview - Landing the Perfect Job, on Your Own Terms!
Learn how to turn your needs into strengths with a three-step strategy
Job Interview - Three Steps to Answering (Almost) Any Question
Bodyswaps’ Job Interview Simulator is a first-of-its-kind solution, empowering students to learn...
Career Mindset Development
Get your career off on the right track.
Inclusive Leadership - Resolving Conflict
How to create an inclusive team environment.
Clear Communication
The dos and don'ts of communicating with impact.
Inclusive Leadership - Giving Feedback
How to challenge non-inclusive behaviour.
Inclusive Leadership - Understanding Conflict
How to uncover and understand conflicts.
Gender Inclusion
Challenging non-inclusive behaviour. This scenario has been co-developed with Interact, an...
Let's Talk About Race - Recognising Privilege
Explore how privilege (or lack of it) shapes our lives. Privilege and oppression are two sides of...
Let's Talk About Race - Bias as a Barrier
Explore how personal bias affects you and others. Biases are a natural part of how our brains...
Let's Talk About Race - Navigating Microaggressions
Identify and challenge microaggressions safely and effectively. Overt racism is easy to spot. But...
Saying No to Sexual Harassment_Dewli_Training room_Square
Saying No to Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is still a workplace problem - and it’s getting worse!
Growth Mindset & Resilience
Help your students develop positive attitudes, resilience, and confidence to prepare them for the...
Workplace Communication
Empower your students and workforce to build the skills they need to foster personal and...
Negotiation & Conflict Management - Laying the Groundwork for Negotiation
A three-module series, created in collaboration with Sage, that helps learners grow the skills...
Negotiation & Conflict Management - Approach & Mindset
A three-module series, created in collaboration with Sage, that helps learners grow the skills...
Negotiation & Conflict Management - Gaining Influence and Greater Value in Negotiations
How to uncover and understand conflicts
Talented Teamwork
Upgrade teamwork training for your students, enhance their job-readiness, and prepare them for...
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills_Alice_Performance_Square
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
This course will help beginner and intermediate speakers find their voice, learn how to connect...
TeamSTEPPS®️ Simulator
Prepare your healthcare staff and students with essential skills for effective interpersonal...

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