Talented Teamwork

Give your students the opportunity to develop critical teamwork skills through immersive interactions with AI-powered virtual humans.
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Who is it for?

This comprehensive module is designed for a diverse range of learners and a broad range of competency levels. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Higher Education institutions: Enables students to develop essential soft skills in preparation for the transition from academia to the workplace.
  • Business Schools: Offers graduating students essential skills for leadership roles and business communication.
  • Corporations and Enterprises: Provides essential workplace skills, key for junior or apprentice-level employees to help them transition into work.
  • Employability agencies: Supports individuals transitioning into new roles where effective communication is key.
  • Healthcare institutions: Equips practitioners and students with vital interpersonal communication skills to enhance interdepartmental interactions.
  • High Schools & Further Education colleges: Enhances key study skills and confidence ahead of joining university.
  • High Schools & Further Education colleges: This module can help your institution meet the Ofsted's Inspection Framework expectations on Personal Development specifically on Developing confident, resilient pupils, Developing communication skills, Career guidance, Preparing for employment and Responsible, respectful and active citizens.
  • High Schools & Further Education colleges: This module can help your institution meet the following Gatsby benchmark: #4 Linking curriculum learning to careers

The Scenario

In this module, learners will adopt the role of a new employee at Mindfire Creative Design Agency. Their first task in this new job is to join the team who are developing a marketing campaign for an event planned by one of Mindfire's clients, the Academy of Ideas and Imagination.

Through a range of scenarios, they'll be taken through four key aspects of good teamwork:

  • Team Spirit
  • Team Player
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building
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Learning objectives.

By completing this module, students will learn how to:

  • Explore the behaviours that boost, or bust, team spirit
  • Recognise what kind of team player they are in the workplace
  • Use emotional intelligence to discuss with an open mind
  • Demonstrate how to be an effective team player

The Full Course

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Transform your students into confident, employable professionals with modules focused on the soft skills essential to future success.


Set your students' path to professional success, whether in further or higher education, by providing engaging and easily accessible experiential learning focused on vital employability skills.

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