Growth Mindset & Resilience

Coming Soon: Help your students develop positive attitudes, resilience, and confidence to prepare them for the transition to the workplace.
In collaboration:
Hertfordshire and South-East Midlands colleges, funded through the DfE Strategic Development Fund.
Advancing Education Meta-Backed Research Projects Revolutionise Learning for Business and Healthcare Students


Students will be guided by Asha, a time-travelling ‘Guardian of Hope’ who traverses the multiverse helping people achieve their full potential. Asha will guide the learner through a variety of activities to help them become their Best Future Self.

These activities are centred around three topics: 

  • The first topic will help learners visualise a meaningful future for themselves, including generating a purpose statement and teachings on the neuroscience of growth mindsets. 
  • The second topic focuses around goal setting, helping learners to plan for success.
  • The third topic shows students how all that they need to surpass obstacles, solve problems and craft resilience is already within themselves.
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Learning objectives.

The key goals for this module are for learners to:

  • Identify what brings purpose and meaning to their lives
  • Build a growth mindset and willingness to ‘dream big’
  • Identify and utilise personal character strengths in the pursuit of success
  • Make a plan, set milestones, anticipate obstacles, find solutions 
  • Develop strategies for being more resilient and recovering from setbacks
  • Be awesome!

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