Growth Mindset & Resilience

Help your students develop positive attitudes, resilience, and confidence to prepare them for the transition to the workplace.

Developed with a collaboration between the Hertfordshire and South-East Midlands colleges, funded through the DfE Strategic Development Fund, and Dr. Andy Cope (founder of The Art of Brilliance), our new Growth Mindset & Resilience module empowers students with the positivity that will aid them in their futures.

Is this the solution for you?

More than half of young people fear for their future career prospects - with this fear comes pessimism and a lack of confidence in the potential the future holds for them. So how do we improve students’ outlooks?

Reflective and mindful practices have been proven to improve levels of optimism, but evidence also suggests the positive impacts of life coaching on mental health and goal attainment.

Our new module, developed in collaboration with the partnership between the Hertfordshire and South-East Midlands colleges and Dr. Andy Cope, founder of The Art of Brilliance, incorporates these elements into an engaging virtual experience dedicated to helping students develop resilience, confidence and a series of growth mindset resources they can carry with them into their future careers.

The Scenario

Students will be guided by Asha, a time-travelling ‘Guardian of Hope’ who traverses the multiverse helping people achieve their full potential. Asha will guide the learner through a variety of activities to help them become their Best Future Self.

These activities are centred around three topics: 

  • The first topic will help learners visualise a meaningful future for themselves, including generating a purpose statement and teachings on the neuroscience of growth mindsets. 
  • The second topic focuses around goal setting, helping learners to plan for success.
  • The third topic shows students how all that they need to surpass obstacles, solve problems and craft resilience is already within themselves.

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Learning Objectives

The key goals for this module are for learners to:

  • Identify what brings purpose and meaning to their lives
  • Build a growth mindset and willingness to ‘dream big’
  • Identify and utilise personal character strengths in the pursuit of success
  • Make a plan, set milestones, anticipate obstacles, find solutions 
  • Develop strategies for being more resilient and recovering from setbacks
  • Be awesome!
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