Clear Communication

The dos and don'ts of communicating with impact.
This module is part of our:
Workplace Communications Essentials Series.
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10 minutes


English, French


VR, PC, mobile and web

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Who is it for?

This comprehensive module is designed for a diverse range of learners and a broad range of competency levels. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Higher Education institutions: Enables students to develop essential soft skills in preparation for the transition from academia to the workplace.
  • Business Schools: Offers graduating students essential skills for leadership roles and business communication.
  • Corporations and Enterprises: Provides essential workplace skills, key for junior or apprentice-level employees to help them transition into work.
  • Employability agencies: Supports individuals transitioning into new roles where effective communication is key.
  • Further Education colleges: Bridges the gap between academic provision and setting students up for real-world success.  

The Scenario

You have been working with Daniel on a project that Sonya is overseeing.

The delivery is due tomorrow but something came up and you need an extension. Daniel is doing a pretty terrible job of communicating what happened and what you need.

Your first task is to observe Daniel and identify poor communication practices. Then, face-to-face with Sonya, you will have the opportunity to have a go yourself at explaining the situation and requesting a delay.

This module is part of our Workplace Communications Essentials series.

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Learning objectives.

Clear Communication involves a set of techniques that will get you heard, understood and make you able to influence others.

  • Distinguish between good and bad communication practices
  • Apply clear communications techniques and behaviour in a practical scenario

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