Approach & mindset

A three-module series, created in collaboration with Sage, that helps learners grow the skills necessary for successful negotiation and conflict management.
How to uncover and understand conflicts.
In collaboration:
Sage Publishing
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Learners will explore the transformative impact of emotion management and learn the skills centred around understanding the interests of the other party - rather than advocating solely for their own viewpoint - in successful negotiations. Participants will learn how to uncover concealed value that holds the potential to mutually benefit all stakeholders involved.
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Learning objectives.

  • Develop an insightful understanding of the interrelation between emotions and negotiation approaches
  • Skillfully identify and apply behaviours associated with a ‘collaborative and understanding’ approach as opposed to a 'convincing’ or ‘combative’ negotiation approach
  • Investigate strategies to uncover and expand opportunities, enhancing overall outcomes

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