Laying the groundwork for negotiation

A three-module series, created in collaboration with Sage, that helps learners grow the skills necessary for successful negotiation and conflict management.
How to uncover and understand conflicts
In collaboration:
Sage Publishing
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In this module, learners will enhance their negotiation prowess by first reflecting on where they currently are as negotiators through virtual coaching, then developing an understanding of how to build positive relationships with counterparts, including the art of developing strong rapport and trust, and paving the path for favourable and successful outcomes when negotiation takes place.
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Learning objectives.

  • Self-reflect on negotiations: Engage in an introspective analysis of your negotiation strategies and approaches.
  • Master effective small talk: Develop proficiency in initiating and sustaining meaningful small talk to establish a positive negotiation opportunity.
  • Cultivate rapport and trust: Learn techniques to build rapport and foster trust, while effectively managing the impression you project.
  • Employ active listening: Utilise active listening skills to gain deeper insights into the perspectives of others and enhance overall understanding in negotiations.

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