Workplace Communication

Empower your students and workforce to build the skills they need to foster personal and professional relationships and communicate effectively in the workplace.

Our new module, developed with a collaboration between the Hertfordshire and South-East Midlands colleges, funded through the DfE Strategic Development fund, helps students learn the key aspects to effective workplace communication.

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It’s no secret that soft skills are highly valued by employers - 92% of HR professionals agree that soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills. But often, employers are finding that new graduates or students taking part in apprenticeships or work experience don’t have the soft skills they need to succeed

Our new Workplace Communication module helps learners develop those vital verbal and non-verbal communication skills before even stepping foot into industry placements. Through engaging and interactive interactions with virtual humans, learners are able to develop and practise effective communication skills for the workplace.

And developing soft skills shouldn't induce anxiety - Bodyswaps' immersive learning helps reduce risks of performance anxieties and other hurdles associated with traditional in-person workplace training courses.

The Scenario

Learners will participate in a fictional virtual televised competition that is designed to give up-and-coming talent an opportunity to learn from business experts and gain work experience. 

Learners, alongside virtual teammates, will compete with a rival team in a series of challenges aimed at developing key aspects of communication skills: non-verbal communication, communicating with clarity, active listening, and influencing. Through this, they’ll master the skill of communicating in the workplace.



  • Louder than words - Develop an understanding of how non-verbal signals can alter how their words are perceived
  • Say it like you mean it - Learn how to speak with clarity, concision and confidence
  • Are you listening? - Discover the importance of listening skills when communicating in the workplace
  • Go on, persuade me - Test out their persuasive skills by building a case to convince their teammates
  • The season finale - are your communication skills up to scratch? - Putting it all together, learners will use all their new skills to convince an influential, young entrepreneur that their business choice is the right one.

Learning Objectives

By completing this module, students will learn how to:

  • Use non-verbal signals to enhance your message
  • Communicate with clarity, concision and confidence
  • Demonstrate active listening to build trust
  • Speak persuasively using a basic argument structure

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