Workplace Communication

Empower your students and workforce to build the skills they need to foster personal and professional relationships and communicate effectively in the workplace.
In collaboration:
Hertfordshire and South-East Midlands colleges
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Learners will participate in a fictional virtual televised competition that is designed to give up-and-coming talent an opportunity to learn from business experts and gain work experience. 

Learners, alongside virtual teammates, will compete with a rival team in a series of challenges aimed at developing key aspects of communication skills: non-verbal communication, communicating with clarity, active listening, and influencing. Through this, they’ll master the skill of communicating in the workplace.

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Learning objectives.

By completing this module, students will learn how to:

  • Use non-verbal signals to enhance your message
  • Communicate with clarity, concision and confidence
  • Demonstrate active listening to build trust
  • Speak persuasively using a basic argument structure

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