Inclusive Leadership - Giving Feedback

How to challenge non-inclusive behaviour.
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10 minutes


English, French


VR, PC, mobile and web

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Who is it for?

This comprehensive module is designed for a diverse range of learners and a broad range of competency levels. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Business Schools: Offers graduating students essential skills for leadership roles and business communication.
  • Corporations and Enterprises: Equips professionals with essential soft skills to manage their teams with effectiveness, empathy and experience.

The Scenario

We see Jeremy talking to Leonard - an experienced and valued member of his team - about a project they're working on together. Jeremy displays a range of non-inclusive and poor management practices, having a negative impact on Leonard's morale and ongoing performance.

Later, you’ve asked Jeremy for a chat, in an attempt to get him to reflect on his behaviour towards Leonard and receive your full feedback.

Giving feedback _ Leonard _ Lobby

Learning objectives.

Helping someone else to understand the impact of their behaviours can be challenging. This scenario looks at a set of best practices to give judgment-free evidence-based feedback and trigger self-reflection.

  • Identify instances of non-inclusive behaviour
  • Apply techniques to challenge non-inclusive behaviour
  • Practice giving effective feedback

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