Recognising Privilege.

Explore how privilege (or lack of it) shapes our lives. Privilege and oppression are two sides of the same coin. Where systems exist that benefit one group, they create a barrier for others.
In collaboration:
George Brown College
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This simulation tackles essential, but often uncomfortable conversations about the role of privilege in perpetuating power imbalances in our society and asks - what is it, who has it, and what can we do about it, if we want to create a more equitable society? 

This simulation has been co-developed in collaboration with subject matter experts from George Brown College.


Learning objectives.

Through this scenario, you will:

  • Understand different types of privilege
  • Reflect on how privilege affects your own life and the lives of others
  • Explore the relationship between intersectionality and privilege
  • Unwrap the myth of meritocracy

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