Saying No to Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is still a workplace problem - and it’s getting worse!
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Who is it for?

This comprehensive module is designed for a diverse range of learners and a broad range of competency levels. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Higher Education institutions: Enhances students' cultural awareness and understanding of the importance of DEI, providing them with the tools with which to tackle internal biases and assumptions.
  • Corporations and Enterprises: Equips professionals with essential soft skills to manage their teams with effectiveness, empathy and experience.
  • Corporations and Enterprises: Supports wider DEI training by offering immersive experiences to place individuals in simulations to enhance real-world awareness.
  • Further Education colleges: Provide students with an understanding of DEI and the tools with which to tackle their own internal biases.

The Scenario

This training was created for the ILO, a United Nations agency, to help leaders in the Indonesian garment industry to combat the sexual harassment of their workers.

In it, you’ll meet Dewi and Linh, learn about their struggles with abusive co-workers and practise a direct intervention in an episode of sexual harassment - using your own words.

For many of us, the setting is a long way from home, but the attitudes and behaviours of the perpetrator are surprisingly familiar.

Saying No to Sexual Harassment _ Dewli _ Training room

Learning objectives.

Through this experience, you will:

  • See past the blurred lines to recognise unacceptable behaviour
  • Discover a legal framework for identifying sexual harassment
  • Learn active bystander techniques for coming to someone’s aid
  • Practise a direct intervention on a perpetrator of sexual harassment

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