Let’s Talk About Race

Honest conversations about race are long overdue. Recent incidents worldwide have pushed the need for equity and inclusion to the forefront.

With this in mind, we have created the series Let’s Talk About Race, which is the product of an in-depth collaboration between Bodyswaps and a team of subject matter experts from George Brown College in Canada.

It takes learners on a reflective journey through a collection of experiences that examine the impact of privilege, bias and microaggressions on all of us.

Available on VR, PC and mobile in English and French.

Training modules

Bias as a Barrier

Let’s Talk About Race

Explore your own bias, stereotypes in TV and films and learn a four-step strategy for identifying and challenging biased behaviour.


Recognising Privilege

Let’s Talk About Race

Discover what intersectionality means in practice, identify privilege, and reflect on how your own social identity shapes your privilege.


Navigating Microaggressions

Let’s Talk About Race

Identify microinsults and microinvalidations, learn strategies for having constructive conversations about racism and practise challenging others safely and effectively.


Challenging micro aggressions, bias and privilege

Kriysia Collyer and Michael Avis show us how virtual reality provides a psychologically safe space to challenge our beliefs in an immersive and action-oriented way.


“When using this with my class, my students found it really thought provoking. It was a great tool to have them open up and interrogate the race-based assumptions they participate in and how to become an ally in a non judgemental, safe environment.”

Charlene Dustan, Co-chair of George Brown College's Anti-Racism Equity Advisory Board Charlene Dustan, Co-chair of George Brown College's Anti-Racism Equity Advisory Board

"Let’s Talk About Race is the perfect resource to support course content or to use as an assignment after sessions on Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression. It provided my students opportunities to reflect on their own biases, and they shared that they felt more confident to talk about race and to challenge biases and microaggression."

Gail Howard, Professor at George Brown College

“I absolutely loved this way of learning. The way the avatars spoke and explained different and new definitions to me really helped me to understand and become more aware of racism.”

Michele, Student at George Brown College

“I found the experience to be fun and different as well as educational all at once. It was a good way to demonstrate real world issues and experiences.”

Sowon, Student at George Brown College

“It was very helpful to learn how we can express our emotions without harming others’ feelings. I think it’s time to take action for reducing stereotypes and negative perspectives from our brain!”

Nadia, Student at George Brown College
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