VR Simulator sets students up for job interview success in France

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
September 14th 2021

Following the release of the Job Interview Simulator in May, we’ve started deploying the solution at a number of educational institutions all over the world in order to assess learning performance and optimise deployment modalities. As part of our Partnership Programme, we’ve recently piloted the solution with students at HEC Paris, KEDGE and Passy Saint Honoré Sup.


VR Simulator sets students up for job interview success in France


The VR job interview training sessions were delivered on campus, with the support of Antilogy, our partner and distributor for France. Each student had the opportunity to complete 4 job interview training scenarios, following a dedicated intro session. The aim of the sessions was not only to deliver an immersive interview experience to the students and empower them to learn crucial interview techniques but to gather relevant data and insights to help identify the best possible ways to work with educational institutions.

Training in VR has been a real game-changer
Following completion of the simulations, an overwhelming 84% of students reported that they would recommend the experience to peers, 73% were able to identify ways to improve their skills upon completion and 71% of students reported that they feel more confident ahead of interviews


It was better than a YouTube video or classroom training. I’d love to repeat the simulations on my own at home before an interview.
Passy St-Honoré


Job Interview Simulator Results - French schools final


Bodyswaps opened our eyes to what VR can bring to interview training. This is a game-changer.
Christel Babinet
Career Coach, HEC Paris

I was really impressed by the range of skills covered. I think anyone would benefit from this training - not just young people.

Vincent Bénasse, Enterprise Partnership Manager, Lycee Passy St-Honoré


What’s next?
Following the feedback we’ve gathered from the sessions, we’ve been hard at work this summer developing an updated version of the simulator with new characters, environments, UI and exercises, which will be released in mid-October.

Immersive interview training to increase engagement and motivation
Bodyswaps’ first-of-its-kind Job Interview Simulator uses Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to guide learners through essential interview techniques. Through 4 modules, learners receive tailored guidance and personalised coaching on essential techniques like managing anxiety, connecting personal characteristics to the job description, and how to construct the perfect answer to practically any question, before attempting the ultimate interview simulation.

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