Bodyswaps has raised £470k

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
October 13th 2020

BODYSWAPS has raised £470k in Seed funding led by Ufi Ventures

BODYSWAPS, the leading VR platform for soft skills training, has raised £470k from Ufi Ventures, Haatch and D Moonshots.

BODYSWAPS is developing a learning platform and content library offered as a service to businesses that uses VR and AI to provide soft skills training similar in performance to expert coaching and role-playing, but close to the cost and scalability of eLearning. In BODYSWAPS’ realistic interactive VR simulations, learners get to safely practice their soft skills and measure their progress through a library of VR roleplay simulations. BODYSWAPS’ secret sauce? Immersive self-reflection: every simulation allows learners to act out conversations with their own voice and swap perspectives with multiple characters to experience what it feels like to sit across from themselves.

Ultimately, the platform allows organisations of all sizes and higher education providers to upskill their employees and students for the new world of work, rapidly, cost-effectively and at scale.

The shift towards tech-enabled training and education tools has been greatly accelerated in recent months and this investment will help BODYSWAPS supercharge the creation of new products to satisfy increasing demand for scalable remote soft skills training solutions from both corporate training and higher education markets.

As Christophe Mallet, BODYSWAPS’ CEO puts it “We’re living a pivotal moment for the L&D industry and we have a unique opportunity to build the future of what it means to learn, to give everyone a chance to unlock their full potential and make the workplace more humane.”


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