Advancing Education: Meta-Backed Research Projects Revolutionise Learning for Business and Healthcare Students

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
November 6th 2023

In partnership with Meta, we are proud to reveal the list of schools selected for not one but two groundbreaking research projects. These initiatives promise to redefine the way students in business and healthcare sectors learn, using virtual reality to enrich their educational journeys.

Soft Skills Education Research Project for Business Schools

This initiative is set to change the way that business students learn, enabling them to harness the power of virtual reality for an enhanced educational experience.

25 Business Schools in the United Kingdom and North America will each receive two Meta Quest 2 headsets and 6-months free access to Bodyswaps VR learning business-related modules that includes dedicated onboarding and support.

Here is the list of successful applicants:


Utilising VR for Experiential Learning

This project offers a unique opportunity to business schools to utilise experiential business education to support their research initiatives. VR can help people to improve their communication skills in a safe environment by simulating stressful scenarios that challenge them to adapt their style, tone, and body language to different audiences, situations, and cultures. 


Advancing Education- Meta-Backed Research Projects Revolutionise Learning for Business and Healthcare Students | Blog


Soft Skills Education Research Project for Healthcare

In addition to the Soft Skills Education Research Project for Business Schools, we are equally delighted to unveil the Soft Skills Education Research Project for Healthcare. This project is designed to empower healthcare education by incorporating soft skills training through virtual reality. 

The research project includes Meta Quest 2 headsets and access to Bodyswaps' immersive modules specifically tailored to healthcare.

Here is the full list of successful applicants:

The Importance of Soft Skills Training in Healthcare

The Soft Skills Education Research Project for Healthcare aims to elevate the skill set of healthcare professionals by providing a safe, simulated environment for practicing and enhancing soft skills. These skills are vital in the healthcare sector, enabling professionals to communicate effectively, demonstrate empathy, and manage difficult situations with confidence.

Research Project Led by Carnegie Mellon University

The two research projects will be led by Carnegie Mellon University. Two teams of Master's level students from their award-winning M.S. in Product Management will conduct each study over 6 months. Already signed onto the research studies are some of the world's leading universities: PennWest University, Duke University, Imperial College London and more.


“These research projects offer a unique opportunity for the successful applicants to harness the potential of experiential education in support of their learning and research initiatives. Virtual reality (VR) is a powerful tool that can help individuals enhance their communication skills by immersing them in realistic scenarios. These simulations challenge participants to adapt their communication style, tone, and body language to various audiences, situations, and cultures.”
Christophe Mallet
CEO and Co-founder of Bodyswaps


Meta’s Learning Initiative  

 Meta is investing $150M to help develop the next generation of Metaverse creators, fund high quality immersive experiences that can transform the way we learn, and increase access to learning through technology


“We are excited to see more education institutions embrace the potential of immersive technologies. Bodyswaps are providing transformative opportunities for educators and learners alike, and we’re thrilled to continue supporting them.”
Leticia Jauregui
Global Head of Meta Immersive Learning.


Meta is proud to work with global partners to increase access to learning in immersive technologies. 

Commitment to Accessibility

Bodyswaps is committed to improving learning performance and we believe the best way to achieve this is to make the technology widely accessible.

Through Meta's initiative, Meta is helping to transform the way we learn, and increasing access to learning through technology.

In line with our mission to improve soft skills learning, Bodyswaps is committed to making immersive technology readily available. Thanks to Meta's visionary initiative, we are contributing to shaping the future of edtech, offering enhanced learning experiences for students and educators alike.

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