Interview simulation

The ultimate interview preparation featuring 60 top interview questions


Welcome to Bodyswaps, we’ve been expecting you! 

Now that you've completed the first 3 modules, you know how to manage stress and anxiety. You've built your key stories and learnt the C.A.R. technique.

Let's put that to the test. Your interview will begin in just a moment.


Learning Objectives

In this interview, you can choose what type of questions to answer. You'll then watch yourself back and get valuable feedback.

  • Classic questions - those common questions that come up in nearly every interview
  • Career goal questions - professional achievements and aspirations
  • Character questions - who you are, your morals, integrity and values
  • Competency or behavioural questions - evidencing your ability to do the job
  • Curveball or creative questions designed to put you on the spot

This module is part of our Job Interview Simulator.

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