Navigating Angry Conversations

A series of VR training simulations to help newly qualified doctors and medical students to improve patient communications. Developed with The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).

The Scenario

Handling angry patients and relatives is one of healthcare practitioners' greatest challenges. As pressures on the NHS grow, staff are experiencing increasing levels of verbal abuse from the frustrated public. The emotional and physical cost of such encounters is high - not only for the doctor involved but also for other patients, colleagues and family.  

This immersive training is designed to build effective communication skills that will help with emotionally charged patient interactions and personal relationships. Created in collaboration with The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this series, healthcare professionals will gain the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding how different responses can diffuse or exacerbate anger
  • Identifying anger signals
  • Remaining calm in hostile situations
  • Responding with empathy to move the situation forward
  • Applying these techniques to different situations

Learning these techniques in 'the heat of the moment' can be difficult - and potentially dangerous. Our simulations provide a safe space in which to put the theory into practice and become more comfortable with the methods before using them in real-life interactions with real people. 

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