Communicating in a Person-Centered Way - Acting with Empathy

Equip your students with the skills to understand others’ points of view and see things from their perspective, emphasizing the importance of empathy in health and social care.
In collaboration with:
Hertfordshire and South-East Midlands colleges, funded through the DfE Strategic Development Fund, and created with input from NHS England.
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Building on the first module, ‘Getting to Know Each Individual’, learners will develop skills focused on understanding, respect, and empathy. Assisted by coaches Abeeku and Nola, learners will discover how to apply these abilities in real-world situations, with AI analytics and feedback providing advice on how to improve.
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Learning objectives.

Across the series of activities in this module, learners will discover how to:

  • Promote and support dignity and respect
  • Work together with individuals and those closest to them to plan their care in a way that suits them
  • Prioritise the rights of the person they’re caring for, as far as the person’s capacity allows

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