Enhancing interpersonal skills in healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

With pressures upon staff reaching record highs, effective communication in health and social care has never been more important.
Bodyswaps’ range of healthcare modules help staff and students build the soft skills they need to effectively navigate the workplace. Through our immersive scenarios, learners develop techniques they can apply to their real-world interactions with patients and colleagues.

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Public speaking and presentation skills - Hero 1 (1)

The Flight Simulator for Soft Skills

In our immersive, realistic simulations, learners can safely practice soft skills with AI-boosted virtual humans, self-reflect by swapping perspectives, and get hyper-personalized performance feedback.
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AI-Powered Coaching

We leverage the latest advances in generative AI to offer personalised learning journeys and deep multi-faceted performance feedback.
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Bodyswaps Go Dashboard

Seamlessly configure your account, oversee content and learner management, create engaging classes, and effortlessly monitor performance, all within a unified interface.

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An ever-growing library of 25+ modules in English and French


AI-powered conversations and feedback


Learner management and analytics


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What people say.

"Bodyswaps jumped out to me because they had a lot of scenarios that could be used by a lot of different people in a lot of different roles. Even in the first sort of foray into testing, one of our GPs said this would be great in this circumstance. This would be great in a different circumstance. So we could easily see that it could be used in many different settings for many different roles."
Liz Leggott
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur & Project Manager for the Innovation Centre, South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub
of learners report improvement in their confidence to apply the simulated soft skills in real situations.
"In terms of the the overall experience, it's the fact that it felt like a safe space in which to practice and and try techniques. It's just very different to what we're used to. Normally, the simulation is in person, big audience watching you, because you got to take it in turns. It felt very different."
Dr Nabeel Alsindi
GP & Place Medical Director, Doncaster/SY ICB
of learners report improvement in their self-awareness and knowledge of how to improve their skills.
"VR training is important for healthcare professionals because it's becoming increasingly challenging to try and get placements in hospitals and general practice. What this does is provide a bridge where they're able to experience a wide variety of things because the problems that you have with traditional placements is you don't know what you're going to come up with. Whereas with VR, you can try as many different scenarios as you want to help develop and build your own personal experience and portfolio, which then can be translated into real day practice."
Javidul Islam
Physician Associate Preceptorship Lead & Educator, South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub
of learners would recommend Bodyswaps to their colleagues over traditional training.

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