EmpowerED: Skill-Up Grant

Kick-off your institution’s immersive learning journey with Bodyswaps’ AI-powered Skill-Up simulations.

Overview of the Project

Core Skills, such as Public Speaking, Resilience and Character are inherently difficult for educators to teach. However, the imperative for instilling these skills in students has never been more critical.

That’s why Bodyswaps has developed a number of immersive learning modules addressing this (available on PC, VR, and Mobile).

Workplace Communication _ Harry _ Coaching room

These modules aim to prepare students for education, employment, and overall well-being. The focus is on building attributes like communication, leadership, and active listening, to ensure learners’ future success.

For Universities and Community Colleges looking to enrich their non-qualification activities, we’re creating a grant to support you and your learners.

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Lets Talk About Race_ Navigating microaggressions _ Ashley (Hijab) _ Locker room

The Benefits

Each successful institution will receive free access to four core modules for 12 months, for 25 students. The modules are:

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Job Interview Simulator
  • Active Listening
  • Negotiation Skills & Conflict Management

You'll also be supported along your journey by Bodyswaps' dedicated Customer Success team to ensure a successful deployment.

Fill out our application form below for your institution to be considered. Deadline for applications is 1st July 2024.

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What is Bodyswaps?

We are a leading provider of immersive AI simulations for soft skills training, offering a variety of modules across healthcare, further and higher education, and enterprise. 

Soft skills are increasingly in demand, especially for students as employer demand skyrockets. Our experiential learning helps students to enhance their skills to meet new standards.

Flexing our features.

Public speaking and presentation skills - Hero 1 (1)

The Flight Simulator for Soft Skills

In our immersive, realistic simulations, learners can safely practice soft skills with AI-boosted virtual humans, self-reflect by swapping perspectives, and get hyper-personalized performance feedback.
Flexing our features - AI Feedback 1

AI-Powered Coaching

We leverage the latest advances in generative AI to offer personalised learning journeys and deep multi-faceted performance feedback.
Bodyswaps Go 2-1

Bodyswaps Go Dashboard

Seamlessly configure your account, oversee content and learner management, create engaging classes, and effortlessly monitor performance, all within a unified interface.

Application Form

Fill out the following application form by 1st July 2024 to be considered for this grant. 

If you have any questions please contact hello@bodyswaps.co.