Employability skills for students.

With the evolving employment landscape demanding soft skills, it’s critical to prepare students with more than just academic prowess or technical skills.

Bodyswaps helps education institutions empower their students with hands-on practice in communication, leadership, and teamwork. Our immersive simulations offer true-to-life scenarios, allowing learners to step into various roles and perspectives, honing their abilities in practical, real-world contexts.

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Public speaking and presentation skills - Hero 1 (1)

The Flight Simulator for Soft Skills

In our immersive, realistic simulations, learners can safely practice soft skills with AI-boosted virtual humans, self-reflect by swapping perspectives, and get hyper-personalized performance feedback.
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AI-Powered Coaching

We leverage the latest advances in generative AI to offer personalised learning journeys and deep multi-faceted performance feedback.
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Bodyswaps Go Dashboard

Seamlessly configure your account, oversee content and learner management, create engaging classes, and effortlessly monitor performance, all within a unified interface.

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An ever-growing library of 25+ modules in English and French


AI-Powered Conversations and Feedback


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Closed Captions (CC)

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What people say.

After only a single session with Bodyswaps’ Job Interview Simulator, students feel more prepared and confident for the interview process:

“I have been waiting for VR to transform the way we educate people for the last 15 years – finally Bodyswaps has produced what I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring!”
Anne Scrimshaw
Fab Lab Manager, Sandwell College
of learners identified ways to improve interview skills
"Bodyswaps is a great way to look at the impact of immersive learning within the employability space. Through the world of virtual reality, students have been able to enhance their confidence and try a unique tech-enhanced approach to employability."
Emma Clarke
Emma Clarke
Communications & Engagement Manager, University of Liverpool
of learners feel more confident ahead of interviews
"A perfect example of how you can create technology-enhanced learning experiences that add pedagogical value. This would be very difficult to simulate with traditional educational methods. ”
Tom Wambeke
Chief Learning Innovation, ICTILO, International Labour Organisation
of learners would recommend Bodyswaps to their peers

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