Making a bad situation better

Discover three golden rules for emotionally-charged customer situations

Learning Objectives

Through this scenario, you will:

  • Experience the emotional impact that disruption has on a fictional customer
  • Practise maintaining control and de-escalating by ‘listening and responding’ rather than ‘reacting’ to an angry customer
  • Explore the positive and negative impacts that good and bad customer service can have on the customer’s emotions and experience

This module is part of our Customer Experience Training.

Making a bad situation better

The Scenario

Whatever the reason for a customer’s journey, if you get your customer service right, you can make a good experience great and a bad one better. But if you get it wrong, you could turn a good experience bad and make a bad one even worse!

So what happens when circumstances beyond your control threaten to spoil a customer’s plans? This simulation lets you try out different approaches in a safe environment to find out the impact your decisions can have on the customer experience.

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