Our award-winning platform offers engaging, safe, and effective training in soft skills, empowering healthcare practitioners to deliver optimal and empathetic patient-centred care.

With a wide range of off-the-shelf simulations developed in collaboration with leading healthcare institutions, our platform empowers doctors, nurses, and medical students to practice critical communication skills in various scenarios.

Our simulations are available in English and French and can be accessed via VR, PC, and mobile devices.


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How it works

Bodyswaps offers a comprehensive soft skills training solution for healthcare students and practitioners.

Our unique learning format leverages virtual reality and AI to provide self-reflective contextual practice, giving learners the necessary tools and confidence to apply newly acquired skills in key healthcare interactions.

Our simulations are designed to seamlessly integrate into healthcare curriculums, providing on-campus facilitated training or as a resource for autonomous practice. With Bodyswaps, healthcare students and practitioners can develop the communication skills to provide empathetic and patient-centred care.


Proven Results

After only a single session with Bodyswaps' Job Interview Simulator, learners feel more prepared and confident for the interview process.


report being more self-aware of ways to improve their skills


feel more confident to apply those skills


would recommend the experience to peers

Training modules


"Bodyswaps is a leader in skills training powered by AI and VR, and we are incredibly excited about what we can build together".

Mary Bishop, Director of Learning at the Royal Society of Medicine Mary Bishop, Director of Learning at the Royal Society of Medicine

"Often when trainees talk about doing their roleplays or simulations, whether that's perhaps in trios with themselves or with actors, they often describe feeling very embarrassed, it feels quite cheesy - especially doing it in front of colleagues. I see one of the advantages of virtual reality is people are doing that much more on their own. They perhaps remove some of that performance anxiety. People can perhaps find ways of being more authentic selves rather than overthinking what am I supposed to be doing?"

Dr Alan Shirley, GP Clinical Director, South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub

"In terms of the overall experience, it's the fact that it felt like a safe space in which to practice and and try techniques. It's just very different to what we're used to. Normally, the simulation is in person, big audience watching you, because you got to take it in turns. It felt very different."

Dr Nabeel Alsindi, GP & Place Medical Director, Doncaster/SY ICB

"By combining Sage’s publishing expertise in education and business with Bodyswaps' expertise in VR and AI, we are taking a significant step forward in the development of resources that transform teaching and advance knowledge".

Michael Carmichael, Senior Director, Library Editorial at Sage Michael Carmichael, Senior Director, Library Editorial at Sage

"Bodyswaps jumped out to me because they had a lot of scenarios that could be used by a lot of different people in a lot of different roles. Even in the first sort of foray into testing, one of our GPs said this would be great in this circumstance. This would be great in a different circumstance. So we could easily see that it could be used in many different settings for many different roles."

Liz Leggott, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur & Project Manager for the Innovation Centre, South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub

"For me, why Bodyswaps is exciting is I've not really seen anything like it before. So, experiencing the AI is very realistic, the script is very high quality, and I actually feel like I'm there. So in terms of that, I feel like I gained lots of experience, but also it feels very safe that it's just between me and the AI, which means that I can develop and try lots of things that you can't in some other experiences."

Javidul Islam, Physician Associate Preceptorship Lead & Educator, South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub

"Having that ability to do it in VR gives us a lot of practice, as opposed to real life where you've only got one take, so if you get it wrong, it might actually aggravate the patient much more. Whereas here, you've got the opportunity to learn from that and really hone in your skills to diffuse the situation in a much better light. VR gives us the opportunity to make mistakes. It's as simple as that, really."

Dr Rahul Nelapatla, GP Trainee


Our AI-powered behavioural analytics engine provides learners with personalised assessments and feeds back into your Learning Management System (LMS) for real-time soft skills competency tracking.

Virtual Coach

Bodyswaps captures and interprets an unprecedented amount of behavioural data to provide hyper-personalised feedback to the learner.

This includes semantic data, speech speed & elocution, body language and decision-making data.

Assessment screen-1

Performance Dashboard

Leveraging the same data, Bodyswaps provides organisations with a comprehensive real-time overview of performance.

This includes a breakdown of usage data, learner's feedback on understanding, self-awareness and confidence as well as a breakdown of behavioural data.

BODYSWAPS - Behavioral Analytics Dashboard
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