Let’s change behaviour - for good

BODYSWAPS lets learners safely roleplay realistic workplace scenarios and learn by observing their own behaviour.

BODYSWAPS scenarios can be delivered as part of face-to-face training sessions, integrated with remote learning programmes or in full autonomy.

All modules are available for VR, PC and mobile in English and French.

Workplace Communication Essentials

A series of 3 simulations designed to build the foundations of a high-performing team environment. Learners will get to roleplay and build the necessary confidence to adopt best practices in active listening, horizontal communication and challenging non-inclusive behaviors.

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Inclusive Leadership

If diversity is the mix, inclusion is making the mix work. This series of 3 simulations is designed for managers looking to adopt an inclusive leadership style by learning to listen and give feedback as well as understanding and solving conflict.

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Employability Skills

Designed for those entering or re-entering the workforce, with one aim: give everyone a fair chance to seize the opportunity they deserve. Across 2 simulations, learners will get to practice their job interview skills as well as the fundamentals of professional workplace communication.

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