Virtual Reality helps students build skills for the modern workplace

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
July 5th 2021

Results are in after 5 FE colleges trial immersive ‘Career Mindset Development’ programme

LONDON, July 6, 2021

Following the completion of a groundbreaking study with students at 5 FE colleges, results published today show that 81% of students would recommend the experience to peers. Nearly 73% were able to identify ways to improve their skills upon completion. 78% of students rated the experience as effective.

It has become a familiar refrain in recent years that young people leaving education lack the soft skills that employers require. But with many businesses disinvesting in graduate development, while still reliant on Covid-era home working, employers need work-ready recruits more now than ever before.

Career Mindset Development is a 15-minute interactive learning simulation designed as part of a Ufi VocTech Trust initiative in collaboration with teachers and careers counsellors from Harlow College, Writtle University College, South Essex College, Bridgend College, and Sandwell College to give young people guidance and feedback on:

  • Building self-awareness
  • Taking the initiative when talking to people you don’t know
  • Making a positive impact at work
  • Communicating ideas clearly and with confidence.

The simulation was piloted by the colleges between 1 March and 30 April 2021. Highlights of the results can be seen in this infographic.


This study shows that FE institutions and their students welcome VR learning as a means to engage learners in preparation for joining the workplace, to build excitement for learning and ultimately raise the bar when it comes to setting students up for professional success.
Christophe Mallet
Bodyswaps CEO


Following on from the success of Career Mindset Development, Bodyswaps has partnered with 8 colleges to trial the Job Interview Simulator, its most innovative and ambitious project yet.

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