Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive Learning Partner to Launch Grant

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
November 16th 2022

Bodyswaps announces exciting partnership with Meta Immersive Learning to empower 100 higher and further education institutions with access to virtual reality hardware and software across the UK, North America, France and Belgium. The London-based start-up is working together with Meta to make soft skills learning VR experiences more accessible to all.

Bodyswaps will provide each institution with unlimited, free access to its full soft skills learning library. Meta will support with hardware donations of Meta Quest 2 VR headsets.

Institutions will be able to select a variety of courses, including modules on public speaking, job interview or anti-racism training, to empower their students with soft skill development that might have been hindered as a result of the pandemic.

The grant will double up as a research project, leveraging data collected from students and staff to demonstrate the potential impact of metaverse technologies in education.

In a statement by CEO and Co-founder of Bodyswaps, Christophe Mallet, added:


Every student deserves a fair chance at a successful life. XR, as a learning technology, has the potential to level the playing field when it comes to learning life-changing soft skills. Working with Meta, we have a unique opportunity to kickstart the metaverse revolution in education.
Christophe Mallet
CEO and Co-founder of Bodyswaps


Meta’s Immersive Learning Initiative

Through Meta Immersive Learning, Meta is investing $150M to help develop the next generation of metaverse creators, fund high-quality immersive experiences that can transform the way we learn, and increase access to learning through technology.


To understand the true value and potential of immersive technologies for learning, we must first increase access and opportunity to nonprofits, educational institutions, and key communities. We’re excited to partner with Bodyswaps to remove barriers to immersive technologies, empower both educators and learners and unlock new opportunities in the education industry.
Leticia Jauregui
Global Head of Meta Immersive Learning.


Meta is proud to work with global partners to increase access to learning in immersive technologies.

Wider Access to Tech-Enhanced Learning Experiences

Together Bodyswaps and Meta Immersive learning are inspiring people by demonstrating the possibilities for learning in the metaverse.

Bodyswaps is an award-winning VR platform that brings realistic simulations and AI-enabled feedback to soft skills training. Students can practise and fail safely without repercussions while building the communication, teamwork and leadership skills needed for successful careers.

Details About the Grant 

The program is open to higher and further education institutions located in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, France and Belgium.

Entries for application are open from 16th November 2022 – 20th December 2022.

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