Meet the Team: Tylar & Courtney

 Georgia Read , Marketing Executive at Bodyswaps
December 1st 2023

Get to know our team across the pond!

A big highlight of our 2023 has been officially opening our US office in Raleigh, North Carolina. And we’re thrilled to introduce you to the current members of our team who are supporting things stateside.

Tylar - Senior Account Executive

Meet the team - Tylar

Tylar started with Bodyswaps in May 2023

Tylar was the very first member of our US team, but before that, she’d worked in sales in e-commerce and commercial real estate. While both of these industries brought with them their own unique learning experiences, the education and healthcare industries that she’s engaged with during her time so far at Bodyswaps have been a joy to learn.

At Bodyswaps, Tylar’s key responsibilities are to find, educate, and empower institutions to adopt immersive learning technology. This can differ from day-to-day, but often consists of meeting and talking to different universities, colleges, and healthcare institutions across the US and Canada, supporting them in finding the Bodyswaps solution that will help them achieve their goals. Tylar’s role can also be heavy on the admin, contracting and sending out information on licensing Bodyswaps.

And sometimes, Tylar gets to head out of our little office in Raleigh and run workshops for prospects or customers


What do you most enjoy about your job?
My favourite thing is when people experience Bodyswaps or even VR for the first time. I'm watching them have this child-like wonder and excitement over something that's something I see every day. But it's so rare to see that excitement in an era of rapid technological advancement, so it's so fun to see people light up when they finally get it.

This leads well into Tyler’s answer as to who she admired most in the EdTech industry: educators themselves. More specifically, educators’ openness and willingness to learn and experiment with new technologies, motivated by wanting the best for their students. As Tylar says, ‘educators really care about their students, and that motivation shines through with every conversation that I have’.

When Tylar isn’t engaging in these exciting conversations with educators and instructors, you’ll most likely find her out walking her Bernedoodle, Marvel. Lucky Marvel gets loops around their local lake which is beautiful at all times of year.

Meet the team - Marvel

Marvel the Bernedoodle

If not out with her pooch, you might also find her enjoying sushi somewhere downtown, or tucked up on her back porch with a good book. Right now she’s making her way through a fantasy book about dragons, but next up is a book on negotiations - quite the varied genre range


Finally, what’s something we’d never guess about you?
I have a board game collection of about 45 board games and counting. I would say my top three favourites are Viticulture, Catan, and The Resistance.


Courtney - Customer Success ManagerMeet the team - Courtney

Courtney started with Bodyswaps in September 2023

Before joining the team at Bodyswaps, Courtney worked at an EdTech company that sold a virtual tutoring service, managing a variety of responsibilities from account management to onboarding new team members, to planning company-wide retreats across different cities in America. 

And before that, Courtney was an elementary school teacher, teaching first and third grade (that’s Year 2 and Year 4 for our UK readers!).

Now at Bodyswaps, Courtney is responsible for making sure that our customers have everything they need to reach their goals with Bodyswaps and to be as successful as possible. 

Daily, this can vary from training our Champions on the platform, creating resources to empower them, or working together to develop plans that align with their needs. Courtney, and the Customer Success Team as a whole, are also vital in passing customer feedback to the internal team, bringing the voice of the customer to everyone in the company


What do you enjoy most about your job?
Connecting with our customers, both on the human and professional level. And being the connector between them and Bodyswaps to help them address the needs of their learners and watch them be successful.

I say I'm a teacher at heart, so really helping students and learners grow as much as possible in any way possible is just something I'm very passionate about.


This was certainly reflected in Courtney’s answer to what she most admires in the EdTech industry. Courtney had a two-pronged answer, the first being how technology can drive the breakdown of geographical barriers to make education accessible to a wider global audience. And the second prong being that EdTech allows and encourages lifelong learning, giving individuals the chance to upskill and reskill throughout their careers.

Meet the team - Team US

Team US 🦅

Outside of life at Bodyswaps, Courtney likes to spend her time doing outdoor activities - anything from hiking to kayaking to paddleboarding, any sort of outdoor adventure. Often she’ll be accompanied by her rescue dog Denver!

Meet the team - Denver

Denver the Collie Mix

On those rainier days, though, indoor time is spent catching up with friends or delving into a book.


Finally, what’s something we’d never guess about you?
I collect miniature snow globes. Wherever and whenever I travel I’ll collect a snow globe. I've got over like 40 snow globes from different places I've visited!


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