Meet the Team: Paige, Charlotte, and Shubham

 Georgia Read , Marketing Executive at Bodyswaps
September 29th 2023

More of the team from behind the scenes at Bodyswaps

In the last one of our ‘Meet the Team’ blog post series we introduced you to Liz, Laura, and Janie. Today, it’s the turn of Paige, Charlotte, and Shubham - with quite the variety of job roles to discover.

Like last time, we asked them about life both at and outside Bodyswaps.

Paige - Marketing Lead

Meet the team - Paige

Paige started with Bodyswaps in October 2022


Before joining Bodyswaps, Paige was contributing her skills and expertise at one of the top UK HubSpot marketing agencies. While she was there, she led marketing initiatives for a variety of clients, spanning various sizes and sectors. From crafting compelling brand strategies to driving lead-generation efforts, her experiences were as varied as the clients.

Now, as Growth Marketing Lead at Bodyswaps, Paige is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all the marketing activities within the organisation (including this blog post!). This includes developing effective strategies, targeting the right audiences, and optimising campaigns across various channels to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and revenue growth.

For Paige, an aspect of working in our industry that resonates deeply with her is its commitment to driving positive change in the education sector and how being a part of it allows contribution to meaningful advancements that make a real difference. And witnessing the positive impacts of our efforts on learners and educators alike is incredibly fulfilling


What do you most enjoy about your job?
No two days are alike, and that's what I enjoy the most about my role here. The ever-changing landscape keeps me engaged and motivated, while the chance to collaborate closely with both partners and clients adds a dynamic element to my work.


Outside of the office, Paige has a variety of interests she likes to pursue. Most recently, a love of reading and listening to audiobooks, as well as exploring her creative side through drawing, and unwinding with walks around the countryside of Lancashire. During the evening, you’re likely to find her on the sofa binge-watching Netflix shows (what better way to spend an evening!)


Finally, what’s something we’d never guess about you?
I share my home with three feline companions - Cat Dracula, Dr. Jekyll, and Gunter. And here's the twist—guess which one doesn't have any teeth!

Meet the team - Paiges cats

Can you guess who's who? (And who's toothless?)


Charlotte - Junior Product Manager

Meet the team - Charlotte

Charlotte started with Bodyswaps in May 2023


Before joining the team at Bodyswaps, Charlotte had recently finished off her second Master’s degree, this one in Digital Culture and Society at King’s College London. Whilst she was considering moving back home to France to find a job, she eventually decided on staying in London for a little longer (and aren’t we glad she did!), initially getting a job at a pub - a pub that, turns out, would be quite close to a company called Bodyswaps. 

Charlotte’s main responsibilities as Junior Product Manager at Bodyswaps are focused around research - mostly market research to gain an understanding of where our product could or should go according to our resources, how the market works, and what others in the industry are doing. But Charlotte’s research also focuses on using all the data we have within the company to figure out what’s working and what’s not working internally, too. 

If you summed up Charlotte’s responsibilities in one word it would be: Research.

Luckily Charlotte enjoys her research, naming it as one of her favourite parts of the job


What do you enjoy most about your job?
The research I do is very interesting, so I think that’s quite enjoyable. But I also worked closely with Chris [our CEO and co-founder] on some research and working in a duo was very fulfilling - working together on something and exchanging ideas I really enjoyed. I generally enjoy research, so while it’s been somewhat of a lone journey I still really enjoy it.


Similarly to Paige, what Charlotte told us she admired most in the tech industry is those companies who are working to make positive change. More specifically, foundations who work in data protection - especially those researching into how society should deal with tech and ed-tech for kids and how we can protect them, ensuring their data is used in only the safest ways. And, in a broader sense, those companies who are using data for good - whether that’s identifying online harms, fake news or aggressive behaviour - through cross-referencing. In her own words, “I admire people who use tech as a tool rather than a solution to ideally make the world better.”. 

When she’s not buried in research, Charlotte can be found either at the pub - drinking beer - or at a festival. For the past two years a highlight has been We Out Here - the jazz festival - and, being still relatively new to the festival world, Charlotte is open to recommendations


Finally, what’s something we’d never guess about you?
I used to play soccer at uni and in my very first game we lost 12 to 1. It was really intense. And the only reason we got a goal in is because I was running after someone and she got scared, I guess, a little bit, and she actually scored the goal for us. Then we played them again a couple of months later and we lost again but it was like 3 to 6 or something - it was much better.


Shubham - Junior Unity Developer

Meet the team - Shubham

Shubham started with Bodyswaps in June 2023


Prior to Bodyswaps, Shubham worked on a contract basis on production sets for films, series, and commercials, as well as working part time in a startup designing for VR and 3D. In his spare time, he made his own 3D environments and animations that he posted online. 

Now, as a Junior Unity Developer, Shubham’s main role is to turn scripts into modules. He’ll take the scripts - expertly crafted by our Immersive Learning Designers - and implement them into a functioning module. Also, if any of the tools the team uses need modifying to implement faster solutions or more effectively build our modules then he also takes on those jobs. To sum it up, his two main responsibilities are implementing the modules and optimising the system


What do you enjoy most about your job?
I think it’s the storytelling aspect of it - I love film. With this, you get this script and then you bring this thing to life and you’re essentially in an interactive story and you learn something from it, so I guess that’s the fun part of it. And it kind of takes me back to the time where when I was a kid I used to play these games where you have to build little levels inside the game itself. My work now almost feels like a more advanced version of it and I get paid to do it.

When we asked Shubham about who he most admired in the tech industry, he told us it was A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. At one time the 11th President of India, Kalam was also an aerospace scientist, teacher, and professor - helping to build the Indian Space Research Organisation. Shubham told us he admired him, also, for having been such a humble person - according to Shubham, “After all these awards and achievements, he was a regular human being.”. 

When not making magic at Bodyswaps, you’re likely to find Shubham attending film or tech networking events. If he’s not there, then check the park or somewhere else in nature - you might find him hunting down those rare yet beautiful nature spots hidden around London. And sometimes, in the mornings, you might find him at the gym


Finally, what’s something we’d never guess about you?
I used to be in my school band, I used to play mostly percussion instruments - a few Indian instruments but also the electronic drum kit pads, and we used to perform in competitions - sometimes we won. We were one of the good ones. And I was the school captain of the whole school.


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