Bodyswaps partners with Viability to launch (VR)²

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
October 27th 2020

(VR)² = Vocational Rehabilitation x Virtual Reality


How can immersive learning help students transition from school into adult life?

We're proud to announce that we're partnering with Viability to launch (VR)² : Vocational Rehabilition x Virtual Reality.

Viability is US-based agency that supports students with their job readiness skills. With (VR)², we'll be working hand-in-hand to demonstrate how immersive learning can empower traditionally underserved individuals to independence and employment. The agency will first deploy the existing BODYSWAPS modules around workplace communication essentials before launching our news Job Interview simulation later this winter.

As Kristin Rotas, a Program Director at Viability puts it: “Viability is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with BODYSWAPS and to incorporate Virtual Reality into the services that we provide for our members.  As an agency that believes that individuals with disabilities and other societal disadvantages are an essential resource for our country’s future, we are committed to designing and operating services to help those individuals realize their full potential.  We feel that the BODYSWAPS program and the Virtual Reality platform will help give the folks we work with a chance to have an emotional connection with the skills being taught. This connection will ultimately instill the behaviors and habits necessary to be successful in the workplace.  Viability believes in the effectiveness of experiential and holistic learning to help folks gain and maintain successful employment, which is why the BODYSWAPS program and Virtual Reality platform are so valuable.”

This fall, BODYSWAPS will be deployed in Viability centers and directly to learners home in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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