Bodyswaps partners with Arbor XR to turbocharge VR deployment

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
September 7th 2022

Bodyswaps is partnering with ArborXR to make it easier for institutions to deploy VR modules at scale, painlessly. Arbor XR is a tool to remotely manage VR devices, deploy content, and control what users can see and do in the headset.

Through the partnership, any Bodyswaps' client can claim a free licence to use Arbor XR for up to 50 headsets.

How it works

  • With ArborXR, Bodyswaps is able to share content directly with institutions through a feature called content sharing.
  • No filesharing platforms or USB drives are required anymore. No need to download the app via the AppLab or PICO App Store on every single device either.
  • Bodyswaps will simply upload the latest version of the app to ArborXR and grant institutions access to you directly.
  • The app can then be immediately available within the institution's ArborXR dashboard and all future app updates can be applied automatically.
  • Plus, with features like differential updating, only the portion of the app that is new will update to devices, saving institutions time and bandwidth.

Read the full Bodyswaps Customer story to learn more.


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