VR and the future of learning in the post-Covid world (Keynote)

 Christophe Mallet , CEO of Bodyswaps
May 14th 2020

This keynote was originally given as part of EdtechX 2020: a global online education conference focused on the future of learning in a world disrupted by Covid 19.

What's the right spot for VR in the future of learning? 

Based on several interviews conducted in April and May 2020 with learning providers and internal L&D teams, this talk looks at the strategic opportunities & realistic challenges for leveraging VR as a learning medium in the results-driven costs-obsessed post-COVID landscape.

One idea emerged, shared by pretty much everyone: this is an opportunity to REBUILD BETTER, bringing together the best of the old world, of Covid-triggered experimentations and of emerging education technologies.

We call this LEARNING 3.0: a multimodal approach to learning that combines the best of face-to-face, digital and immersive solutions to propose transformative personalised learning journeys.


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