Bodyswaps is the most engaging, safe, and effective way to train soft skills and bridge the ever-elusive gap between learning and behavioural change.

We offer a library of ready-to-go workplace simulations for your learners to practise their soft skills in safe and realistic environments.

All simulations are available for VR, PC and mobile in English and French.


Wondering about how VR fits with what you’re already doing? Explore 5 ways VR can enhance your soft skills training blend.

How it works

Leveraging virtual reality and AI to allow for self-reflective contextual practice, Bodyswaps' unique learning format gives learners the tools and confidence to apply what they've learned to their work.

Our simulations can be embedded as part of your facilitated training activities or used as a resource for autonomous practice.


Deploying Bodyswaps

To ensure maximum accessibility and flexibility of delivery, Bodyswaps is available on VR headsets as well as via mobile and desktop.



Available on all major VR headsets from Oculus, HTC to Pico.



Available on Android and iOS (equivalent iPhone 6S and newer).



Available via Desktop app (PC).


Our AI-powered behavioural analytics engine provides learners with personalised assessments and feeds back into your Learning Management System (LMS) for real-time soft skills competency tracking.

Virtual Coach

Bodyswaps captures and interprets an unprecedented amount of behavioural data to provide hyper-personalised feedback to the learner.

This includes semantic data, speech speed & elocution, body language and decision-making data.

BODYSWAPS - Behavioral Analytics Results

Performance Dashboard

Leveraging the same data, Bodyswaps provides organisations with a comprehensive real-time overview of performance.

This includes a breakdown of usage data, learner's feedback on understanding, self-awareness and confidence as well as a breakdown of behavioural data.

BODYSWAPS - Behavioral Analytics Dashboard
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