BODYSWAPS is the most impactful and effective way to train soft skills.

We offer a library of immersive off-the-shelf roleplay simulations for your learners to practice their soft skills in safe and realistic environments. We can also work with you to develop new scenarios tailored to your needs.

With BODYSWAPS, organisations of all sizes can boost their soft skills training programmes with autonomous practice-based learning experiences far more effectively than with traditional online exercises or even facilitated role-playing.

All simulations are available for VR, PC and mobile in English and French.

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How it works

Delivered face-to-face or as a self-service tool, BODYSWAPS modules are designed to give employees the tools and confidence to apply what they learned to their work.

1. Observation

Soft Skills Simulation - Step 1 - Observing Bad Behavior

Observe a conversation and analyse good and bad practices.

2. Conversation

Soft Skills Simulation - Step 2 - Conversation

One-on-one, listen and ask questions to your virtual colleague.

3. Intervention

Soft Skills Simulation - Step 3 - Intervention

Practice your answer, in your own words, using your voice and body language.

4. Bodyswap

Soft Skills Simulation - Step 3 - Bodyswap

Swap bodies and watch yourself back from another perspective.

5. Feedback

Soft Skills Simulation - Step 5 - Feedback

Access behavioral & semantic analysis and get personalised tips to improve.

6. Repeat

Soft Skills Simulation - Step 6 - Exercices

Access of series of personalised practice-based exercices

Deploying Bodyswaps

To ensure maximum accessibility and flexibility of delivery, BODYSWAPS is available on VR headsets and via mobile and desktop versions.



Available on all major VR headsets from Oculus, HTC & Pico.



Available on Android and iOs (equivalent iPhone8 and newer).



Available via a Desktop app (PC).


Our AI-powered behavioral analytics engine provides learners with personalised assessments and feeds back into your LMS for real-time soft skills competency tracking.

BODYSWAPS - Behavioral Analytics Results

BODYSWAPS uses behavioral and semantic data to provide hyper-personalised feedback to the learner.

BODYSWAPS - Behavioral Analytics Dashboard

BODYSWAPS provides organisations with a real-time overview of their workforce’s behavioral competencies.

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