Workplace Communication Skills

How do you create the right environment for high-performing teams?

High performing teams share one thing: psychological safety. It is conducive to open and respectful communication and fosters creativity. Finally, it gives space to new ideas and perspectives to grow.

This series of 3 simulations, targeted at all team members from juniors to managers, is designed to build the foundations of a high-performing team environment. Learners will get to practice and build the necessary confidence to adopt best practices in active listening, horizontal communication and challenging non-inclusive behaviors.

Available on VR, PC and mobile in English and French.

Training modules

Active listening

Workplace Communication Training - Active Listening Simulation
Identify poor active listening habits.

Experience what lack of active listening feels like.

Practice active listening behaviours like clarifying, summarising or acknowledging emotions.
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Clear communication

Workplace Communication Training - Clear Communications Simulation
Identify poor communication practices.

Experience what you sound like to other people.

Practice clear communication behaviors like emotional self-regulation, affirmative body language or summarising.
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Gender inclusion

Workplace Communication Training - Gender Inclusion Simulation
Identify non-inclusive behaviors.

Experience what microaggressions feel like.

Practice strategies to challenge non-inclusive behaviour such as objective feedback, impact assessment and open-ended questionning.
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