Navigating Microaggressions

Identify and challenge microaggressions safely and effectively

Learning Objectives

Through this scenario, you will:

  • Reflect on your personal reaction to microaggressions 
  • Identify common microinsults and microinvalidations and learn about how they impact the lives of marginalised people 
  • Learn strategies for having constructive conversations about racism 
  • Practise challenging others to reflect on their microaggressions safely and effectively.

The Scenario

"I don’t even see colour”

Overt racism is easy to spot. But microaggressions - subtle everyday slights, snubs and insults - are often invisible to anyone who hasn't been on the receiving end themselves. 

This simulation shines a spotlight on some of the microaggressions that marginalised and under-represented people experience every day and empowers learners with strategies for responding to microaggressions when they see them.

This simulation has been co-developed in collaboration with subject matter experts from George Brown College.

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