Management and leadership training

Communication is key to any successful relationship, whether that relationship is between two people or a whole team. And, while the principles of effective communication remain the same for any number of people, the dynamics of communicating with a team can be quite different to a one-on-one conversation.

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, so too must the way we lead. Today’s teams are more diverse, remote, and cross-disciplinary than ever before – they demand empowerment and respect for individual differences.

Our soft skills training courses for managers, available for VR, PC and mobile, focus on key areas of development for leaders and are designed to help learners in management roles learn how to better communicate with a diverse team. By providing an engaging, realistic and safe environment to practise and hone their skills, these courses are a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their communication skills.

Management and leadership modules


Inclusive Leadership

The typical team is changing. In the modern world, our teams are increasingly diverse, remote and cross-disciplinary. To sustain high performance and foster wellbeing, leadership culture needs to change too.

This series of three simulations is designed for managers looking to adopt an inclusive leadership style. Learners will discover how to listen and give feedback, as well as how to understand and resolve conflict among their team members.

Management and leadership

Course highlights

  1. Recognise the ways in which conflict can arise within a diverse team
  2. Learn how to flag non-inclusive behaviour
  3. Practise relationship-building skills
  4. Identify how managers perpetuate non-inclusive behaviours
  5. Develop techniques to challenge and to self-reflect
  6. Practise giving effective feedback
  7. Understand how a leader’s behaviour can perpetuate inappropriate behaviour
  8. Develop skills to help others address the source of their conflicts

Practise coaching others to lead by example



"Bodyswaps has a unique way of creating self-awareness amongst learners and letting them truly practise their skills in a realistic context. This perfectly fits with SNCF's vision of pioneering the use of immersive learning to bring positive change at a very large scale."

Frank Doute, Manager FAB AR VR, SNCF Frank Doute, Manager FAB AR VR, SNCF

"Bodyswaps provided a fit-for-purpose solution to exercise inclusive leadership skills. It is a useful tool to prepare senior first responders for relief missions of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism."

Henri Schwaiger, Project Manager, Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) Henri Schwaiger, Project Manager, Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW)
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