Understanding Conflict

How to uncover and understand conflicts

Learning Objectives

Diversity brings differences that could lead to disputes. This scenario looks at a set of techniques that will help uncover the sources of a conflict, build a nuanced understanding and prepare your strategy for resolving it.

  • Learn effective listening skills 
  • Acknowledge the need to be aware of stereotyping 
  • Identify inappropriate behaviour
  • Practise relationship-building skills 
  • Practise giving constructive feedback. 
  • Practise applying techniques to manage conflict

This module is part of our Inclusive Leadership series.

The Scenario

Florence has come to you with a problem she’s having with Abeeku, another member of your team. She wants you to help her resolve her difficulties, but first, you need to understand what's going on.

The next day, you’re having a coffee with Abeeku, who has asked for some help checking the accuracy of his work. When Florence discovers this, she feels sidelined and a conflict erupts.

Later, you’ve asked Florence and Abeeku to join you to debrief on what happened. This is your chance to begin resolving the argument.

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