Employability Skills

How do you give those (re)entering the world of work the best chances of being successful?

To maximise chances of performing well at a job interview and during the first few months of employment, technical skills are not enough. Preparing for “what” to say is only part of the recipe for success, it's the “how” that makes the difference.

Across 2 simulations, learners will get to practice their job interview skills as well as the fundamentals of professional workplace communication.

Available for VR, mobile and PC in English and French in Q1 2021.

Training modules

Entering the Workforce

Employability Skills Training - Professional Communication 101
Introduce yourself to peers with confidence

Practice assertiveness by giving feedback

Pitch your ideas with clarity and impact

Job Interview Simulator

Employability Skills Training - Job Interview Simulator
Explore strong job interview practices.

Practice what you say and how you say it with the job simulator

Get remote feedback from your coach or advisor with our coach app
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