Customer service

Our customer service soft skills training is designed for learners who interact with customers on a daily basis and are often the first people customers will come into contact with if they’re angry or upset.

Customer-facing staff are the front line of any business, so it’s more important than ever that these employees have strong communication skills to fall back on.

Our customer service training modules will give your customer-facing employees the soft skills they’ll need to deal with a huge variety of different customer situations. Empathy is a vital part of delivering good customer service – learners will get the chance to practise responding to customers in an empathetic way. After completing these modules they’ll be able to identify and respond to a customer’s emotional triggers, understand and empathise with the customer’s position, and turn potentially difficult customer scenarios into positive interactions. Better customer service means better customer satisfaction!

Customer service modules


Customer Experience

When things go wrong, great customer service isn’t about fulfilling a need. And it’s not about creating a ‘wow’. It’s about looking beyond the immediate transaction to customers’ unseen struggles and finding ways to mitigate them.

If a customer’s personal struggle is compounded by a disruption in service, emotions will run high. But impressions created by service providers at these times last for a long time.

These simulations offer a safe space for customer-facing staff to learn how to identify emotional triggers, respond to intense emotions and enhance customer control to provide exceptional customer service - even during difficult situations.

Available on VRPC and mobile in English and French.


Customer service


"Bodyswaps has a unique way of creating self-awareness amongst learners and letting them truly practise their skills in a realistic context. This perfectly fits with SNCF's vision of pioneering the use of immersive learning to bring positive change at a very large scale."

Frank Doute, Manager FAB AR VR, SNCF Frank Doute, Manager FAB AR VR, SNCF
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