Customer Experience

When things go wrong, great customer service isn’t about fulfilling a need. And it’s not about creating a ‘wow’. It’s about looking beyond the immediate transaction to customers’ unseen struggles and finding ways to mitigate them.

If a customer’s personal struggle is compounded by a disruption in service, emotions will run high. But impressions created by service providers at these times last for a long time.

These simulations offer a safe space for customer-facing staff to learn how to identify emotional triggers, respond to intense emotions and enhance customer control to provide exceptional customer service - even during difficult situations.

Available on VR, PC and mobile in English and French.

Training modules

Customer experience module 9

Making a bad situation better

Customer Experience

Jeremy is joining friends for a weekend away, but a delay is threatening to sabotage his plans and he’s starting to get angry. Do you have the customer service skills necessary to reassure him and help him find a solution?

Customer experience module

Improving customer service in difficult situations

Customer Experience

Jeremy is looking forward to getting home after a weekend away. He’s tired and his partner is relying on him to look after the kids later, while they go to work. Unfortunately, there seems to be some kind of hold up on the line. Can you help?

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