Communication skills and public speaking

Communication skills are essential in any work environment, but it’s not always easy to know how best to communicate your ideas to your colleagues, clients or customers.

Being able to communicate clearly and confidently is how your learners will make a good impression, build relationships with colleagues, customers and clients, and achieve progress in their careers. There are a few people to whom these skills come naturally, but the majority need a little help.

We offer a range of engaging communication and soft skills training courses on various aspects of communication skills and public speaking. All our courses have been designed to give learners the skills and confidence they need to get their message across, whatever situation they need to communicate in. Our virtual communication training courses, which are available on VR, PC or mobile, will help your learners manage their nerves and hone their skills to become a better listener, speaker, and overall communicator.

Communication and public speaking modules


Public speaking & presentation skills

Communicating your thoughts, ideas and beliefs is a fundamental life skill, essential for defining who you are and what you need. Yet fear of public speaking means that many of us would much rather shut up than speak out in front of an audience. 

Find your voice in this 60-minute beginner-to-intermediate level training programme and learn how to connect with your audience, communicate with clarity, and present compelling, persuasive and inspirational speeches, whatever the situation.  

Available for VR, mobile, PC and Web.

Course highlights

This adaptive programme of fully-immersive activities coaches learners in four key interconnecting components of public speaking: composure, performance, charisma and content.   

  1. Build confidence and manage anxiety
  2. Become more aware of what your non-verbal signals are saying
  3. Discover the non-verbal behaviours of top orators
  4. Practise applying different non-verbal techniques in different contexts
  5. Develop presence with your own personal voice and authentic self
  6. Build charisma in how you speak to others
  7. Learn how to engage and connect with others through your word choice
  8. Receive guidance in deciding what you’re going to say
  9. Structure your content for clarity and engagement

Learn how to structure an argument for the greatest influence


Active listening

Become a better listener and improve your relationships, inside and outside of the workplace. Listening actively helps you appreciate other people’s perspectives and avoid conflict.

Learn how to identify what the other person is feeling and how to respond appropriately and with empathy. Then practice your active listening techniques in a safe space.


Clear communication

Learn how to get your point across more clearly with a set of techniques that will make sure you’re heard, understood and able to influence your listeners.

This module will show you how to distinguish between good and bad communication practices and give you the chance to apply your communication techniques in a practical scenario.


“I have been waiting for VR to transform the way we educate people for the last 15 years – finally Bodyswaps has produced what I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring!”

Anne Scrimshaw, Fab Lab Manager, Sandwell College Anne Scrimshaw, Fab Lab Manager, Sandwell College

"Bodyswaps is an application that allows learners to practice skills that are difficult to replicate in a traditional learning environment. The immersive experience is risk-free, accessible, engaging, and encourages learners to reflect on their own understanding of themselves. It has great potential as an essential learning tool now and in the future."

Michael Avis, Faculty Facilitator & Teaching Technology Coach, George Brown College Michael Avis, Faculty Facilitator & Teaching Technology Coach, George Brown College

"Bodyswaps will help give the folks we work with a chance to have an emotional connection with the skills being taught. This connection will ultimately instill the behaviours and habits necessary to be successful in the workplace."

Kristin Rotas, Program Manager, Viability Kristin Rotas, Program Manager, Viability

Bodyswaps is helping learners develop the C.O.R.E social skills of Compassion, Originality, Responsibility, and Empathy that we value so much at Basingstoke College of Technology. Bodyswaps is a tool that aligns with our own strategic focus on using technology with the intention to improve teaching, learning, assessment and wellbeing of all learners.

Scott Hayden, Head of Digital Learning, Basingstoke College of Technology Scott Hayden, Head of Digital Learning, Basingstoke College of Technology

"Bodyswaps Rocks!"

Rory Meredith, Coleg y Cymoedd Rory Meredith, Coleg y Cymoedd
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