Employability Training

Project (VR)² = Vocational Rehabilitation x Virtual Reality

Preparing individuals with disabilities for the world of work

The Challenge

Starting a first job or re-entering the world of work can be daunting enough as it is, let alone in an already fragile job market as a result of the pandemic. Suffice to say that having a disability or experiencing any other societal disadvantages on top of that can make getting and keeping a job even more challenging.

In order to get a fair chance to excel at work, these individuals need help developing essential soft skills such as active listening, efficient communication as well as practice at job interviewing. Our challenge was to work with several partners to leverage Bodyswaps in order to give those with a disability a safe and engaging space to practise crucial soft skills.

Project (VR)² = Vocational Rehabilitation x Virtual Reality

The Approach

Together with VIABILITY, Link to VR, Cleanbox and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) , we’ve launched Project (VR)². VIABILITY, a US based human services provider, leverages community and employer partnerships to create opportunities for underserved and chronically marginalised people.

This first-of-its-kind project aimed to measure engagement with immersive learning modalities, assess whether the approach did indeed allow practice and improvement and, finally, optimise how to deploy such solutions in a particularly difficult context (COVID-19).

Bodyswaps made their Workplace Communications Essentials scenarios available, which allowed learners to experience them in either VR or via a tablet version.

Next Steps

Following the success of this initial deployment, VIABILITY is looking to roll out Bodyswaps’ upcoming series on Job Interview skills in the summer.

  • 83% of learners considered the training highly effective
  • 85% of learners reported a significant improvement in their awareness on how to improve their skills
  • 85% of learners are likely to recommend the training to their colleague


Project (VR)² = Vocational Rehabilitation x Virtual Reality

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Employability Training

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