Accelerating learning

Reflection is the secret ingredient in learning from experience. It activates several key learning processes at once and bridges the gap between training and real-life application.

Bodyswaps’ unique VR learning format allows participants to reflect back on their performance, revealing the effect of their actions, body language, and verbal responses on colleagues, clients and peers.

We offer a library of off-the-shelf modules available in English and French.

Training modules

Active listening

Identify poor active listening habits.

Experience what lack of active listening feels like.

Practice active listening behaviours like clarifying, summarising or acknowledging emotions.
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Clear communication

Identify poor communication practices.

Experience what you sound like to other people.

Practice clear communication behaviors like emotional self-regulation, affirmative body language or summarising.
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Gender inclusion

Identify non-inclusive behaviors.

Experience what microaggressions feel like.

Practice strategies to challenge non-inclusive behaviour such as objective feedback, impact assessment and open-ended questionning.
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