Gender Inclusion

Challenging non-inclusive behavior

The Scenario

You're meeting 2 colleagues, Sam and Sophie, to catch-up on a project you've been working on together for a while.

Amy's contribution is stellar whereas David is running a bit late on a couple of things. Rather than owning up to it, he's attacking Sophie, using a variety of tactics from sexism hints to full-on bullying.

Your first task is to observe and identify Sam's behavior. Then, face-to-face with him, you will have to challenge his attitude and make him reflect on it so that he can transform his relationship with Sophie.

Learning Objectives

Challenging non-inclusive behaviors involves a set of steps that will help you start these important conversations and foster an inclusive work environment.

  • Learn to observe and identify a broad range of non-inclusive behaviors
  • Apply techniques to challenge a non-inclusive behavior

This scenario has been co-developped with Interact, an award-winning London-based training consultancy specialised in experiential learning.


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