We unlock organisational excellence by transforming how people think and act with VR and AI.

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Why it Matters

Automation, AI, and digital technologies have accelerated the pace of change in the World of Work. Large organisations are facing huge HR challenges : developing soft skills at scale, creating fairness and opportunity for all and making the workplace more collaborative and humane.

With BODYSWAPS®, we are supporting L&D and HR leaders to empower their employees to become the best versions of themselves, faster and safely, improving organisational performance, fostering a better company culture and delivering tangible operational value.

How It Works

BODYSWAPS® is a soft skills simulator that leverages embodied Virtual Reality & conversational AI to put users in realistic workplace simulations.

1. Meet your new body


Pick a VR avatar and step into your new body.

2. Take the Brief


Get briefed about the workplace scenario you're in.

3. Meet your Virtual Colleague


Listen to your Virtual Colleague and assess the situation.

4. Respond


Answer, in your own words, using your voice and body language.

5. Swap


Swap bodies and watch yourself back from another perspective.

6. Analyse & share


Access behavioral & semantics analytics, get personalised tips and share your performance.




With SME-written scripts, professional acting and unlimited environments, eliminate the distance between training and reality


Engaging & memorable

Deliver high-impact experiential learning through powerful storytelling and full interactive immersion



Deliver training at scale and save on logistical and productivity costs by increasing the learner’s capacity to practice soft skills remotely



Create sustained behavioral change by giving employees a never-seen-before perspective of how they act in specific situations


Measured & Personalised

Leverage AI-powered analytics to get personalised recommendations and improve



From set-up to onboarding to maintenance, benefit from our implementation team's support


BODYSWAPS® empowers employees to become smart, collaborative & self-directed learners.

 Decreased Training costsAccelerated Time to CompetencyImproved Operational PerformanceImproved Talent RetentionImproved Company Culture
Increased training frequency via self-service VRxx
Improved engagement & memorability of training through embodied simulationsxxx
Self-awareness and desire to improve via body-swapping format and personalised analyticsxxxx
Scaled distribution via affordable user-friendly hardwarexx
Measured training performance at organisational levelxxx

Use Cases

BODYSWAPS® can be deployed across a range of learning & development areas including Leadership, D&I, HR or Sales.

Situational Leadership
Performance Management
Employee Assessment
Body Language Awareness
Sexual Harassment
Customer Service
Public Speaking
Intercultural Competence
Unconscious Bias Awareness
Team Management

Case Studies


“This is a fantastic technology that allows you to feel how you come across, to step into someone else’s shoes and actually be impacted by yourself.”

Jamie Duncan, Chief Performance Officer at CorporateDNA Consulting

“The emotional impact that BODYSWAPS® gives you, the speed of feedback and the ability to have another go speeds up that cycle of behavioral change and will enable you to become more effective as a leader.”

Tom Cross, Performance Psychologist (CPsychol, HCPC)

“BODYSWAPS® has been helping SAGE to think through the possibilities of VR for the university market and to push us to think creatively about how to harness the emotional and experiential potential of VR”

Katie Metzler, Head of Methods Innovation at SAGE Publishing
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